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UFO: Aliens Had Altered the History of Humans

Researcher David Icke and extraterrestrial contactee Alex Collier hold the opinion that manipulative Archons had altered the inglorious history of human beings in 1930s. Aliens were not happy with intellectual supremacy of humans and went to fullest extent to distort it and yes they were apparently successful in this mission. Exactly, the “Extraterrestrial War” that reportedly took place in 1930s is no more remember to us.

Inevitably, the aliens had manipulated our history and invaded our time space for fulfilling their vested interests. No doubt, they were the main culprits of that war which took place on earth 1930s and they were successful in removing the war memories from the minds of the people. This alteration of memories is still lasting shades on us and our current time line is the outcome of that mission.

As per Alex Collier who operates on a higher-dimensional consciousness observed that the alteration mission was carried by aliens and he received the same information from them. Owing to that mission, we, humans, have sunk in the ocean of nothingness and do not remember our past any more. Resultantly, we have forgotten to address our own queries pertaining to our existence. No doubt, we cannot answer the basic questions that who are we? Where did we come from?  What will be our future like?

Alex Collier suggests that these manipulative lower dimensional aliens had altered the course of our history and seek to fulfil their vested interests. He further says, Nazi Scientists produced a time portal in 1930s for controlling the world which was the beginning of the infiltration into human time-space by inter-dimensional alien interests.  Archons have apparently gone back and created history for humans — full of wars, disasters and destructions.

Yes, Earthbound humanity’s destructive past has apparently been designed as our future as humans promises to spawn even wore destructive wars. Alex Collier further adds that these Archons changed our history under the motive of ruling our minds.

Needless to mention that if one has the ability to travel time, he / she would be able to alter the history. This is what reportedly happened in the case of aliens. Their alleged time traveling clearly opines that they could go backwards in time and could change intellectuality and consciousness of any race. Even though, one could also change an event if he has the ability to travel time. Aliens are not only who apparently did this, there was another alleged group called Sirius B which had also done the same alteration in our past according to Alex Collier’s insights:

Yes, it took years to understand the real agenda but I have reached at the conclusion that “Aliens had done this to control us and our mind.

Alex Collier’s insights hold the view that Fukushima was one of the alien-orchestrated events designed by a Manipulative alien intrusion.

These researchers suggest us to inquire what we have learned from the books of our history. We have to find out the reality of our past so that we could not be controlled by lower dimensional beings that seek to violate human sovereignty.

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