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Web Design Trend That Works in 2018

Do you know how to boost the conversions with the help of a web design? It is not a secret that having a properly tailored website can drastically influence the development of your business without additional expenses. A website is something every successful business needs in the 21st century.

If you want to reach a wider audience, or be extremely targeted at your potential customer, you can’t get away without a good website. A good website is a visually appealing as well as functional platform, which is based on the correct web design solutions. Today, we’re going to talk about the main direction of trends for web design in 2018. In case you’re looking for a completely customized platform for your business, check https://www.influce.com/ which already has a full team of designers, developers, and marketers.

And now, let’s look at the main web design trends in 2018, which you are recommended to use by experts.

Top Web Design Trends to Boost the Conversion

There are a lot of web design trends you’re going to see in 2018. Some of them came from previous years, while others are completely new and sometimes even unexpected. So, what do the experts recommend to consider in 2018?

  1. Vibrant colours. This is probably the most noticeable and outstanding trend in web design. Over the last couple of years, the main colours in design were concentrated around pale, grey, plain black, or white background. The white background in a minimalistic style is still present, but the abundance of bright colours becomes more and more popular, completely replacing grey and black. Choosing the right color or even the right colour combination will make a difference to your website;
  2. Mobile design. Being oriented only on a desktop platform is no more effective. The bigger part of your audience accesses the Internet from their mobile phones. It doesn’t matter which industry and field you’re working in. Your web design should be equally optimized for computers and mobile devices;
  3. Video files. Standard photographs and stock images are more and more replaced with the video files. Video storytelling includes both useful information and interactive content, taking less space on the platform and more engagement from the customers;
  4. Hidden navigation. Also known as the hamburger menus, hidden navigations provide more space and flexibility for the designers to work with and a minimalist style to the website at the same time;
  5. Split, asymmetric screens. A combination of different side-by-side desktop styles can be already met on so many platforms. This is a great way to combine more than two different items on the same webpage.


In other words, a lot of websites are going to focus on hidden navigation and unusual formats and color combinations in their web design policy in order to attract new customers and boost the conversions in 2018.

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